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Beehive: Our product is designed to be assembled by you. ‍ Custom Installations: The timeline for custom installations depends on your specific requirement and the scale of your project.

We anticipate our products to last for 3 -5 years , depending on the maintenance and usage.

Since our product is made with natural materials such as terracotta and utilizes evaporation cooling technique, moss & algae might grow. Having said that, we do take precautions to completely minimize the growth.

We have multiple options for checking and controlling for mosquitoes depending on the project; like establishing a closed loop, adding chlorine to water, etc. Similarly for seepages, recollection of dripped water, creating overflow rainwater harvesting tanks, etc are some of the solutions . Facade to structure seepage is a non issue with our simplest configurations

Unfortunately, our products cannot be returned or refunded at this time due to the nature of their installation.

Since only fans and pumps (if required) are the moving parts, the system is extremely resilient to aging. Any scaling and algal growth on terracotta are going to add water absorption capability and will provide surface for evaporation to happen.

Since all the components can be replaced, the life span of the system can be extended indefinitely. However, not considering the lifespan of fans and pumps (that depends on the manufacturer of those components), industrially made terracotta units can be expected to have a lifespan of at least 7-10 years. In general, the system can be expected to last for up to 25 years.

Technically all forms of steel, whether GI or SS can corrode, however with proper maintenance (removal of scales and pre existing rust if any), and using correct composition of SS for water use should extend the life of SS for a very long time. Even without specialised SS, the frame should last as long as any such structure typically used in construction.

Yes it can !! Also in case of places where smaller areas are there it can be used similar to a window while opening and closing. This provision requires extra cost and manufacturing of the sliding door or typical door windows.

It consumes a one time water to fill in the tank and makes the pot damp which will depend on the size of beehive after the initial beginning and working which can take approximately half an hour and so the system will be damp and after that water consumption is equivalent to the evaporation rate.

If the product is running then there are quite fewer chances of mice and insects coming in although when it is closed and working as a passive system it is similar to any architectural jali.

Fungus won’t be an issue and in general there is no issue but if it happens we have few chemicals to rectify it. Also if dampness is there inside of the room it can be rectified by an exhaust or proper ventilation.

No it didn't until unless it is installed in a closed system or an industry where slight changes in humidity can affect their process

Yes, the tanks can be emptied in winters or even check the overflow during monsoons. A system integrated to rainwater harvesting or groundwater recharge has been built in one of our projects to address this problem. Furthermore, one can drain the water in stormwater/ sewage drain as well.

We ensure that replacement of terracotta units and other maintenance operations can be conducted over the facade.

Since the system involves water, materials near the envelope should be chosen to take into account. However, the system should work with the most common construction materials. You can get a more accurate assessment by mailing it to our team.

For complete facade solutions or for simple beehive solutions covering an entire height of the wall, it is recommended to discuss with your structural engineer.

Most of the components used in our system comply with typical fire rating requirements for facade elements. Furthermore, lack of combustible materials reduces any risk arising from fire.

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