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In order to live in healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a non-toxic environment. Coolant provides a sustainable alternative to existing modes of thermal comfort that provide cool air at the cost of the immediate environment.

Facts: Coolant can be used along with Air conditioners, Air coolers and Jali Coolant needs water to function i.e. it works on evaporative cooling technique Coolant is modular and can scale up to cool indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor spaces. Coolant does not emit any greenhouse gases. Coolant does not make loud noise while operating. ‍ Myths: Coolant can replace Air Conditioners, Air coolers and Jali. Coolant does not cause an increase in humidity. Coolant can cooldown as rapidly as other air cooling devices in the market.

Coolant products are rooted in the history of ancient cooling techniques used in Indian and Egyptian cultures. These techniques are modernised and adapted to current technology by out team of engineers, designers, architects and scientists. Each pot in a Coolant product is handcrafted with love by our network of potters in India.

Based on our current analysis, we anticipate a saving of about 15% - 30%

Based on our current installations, we anticipate a saving of about 5% - 10%.

Yes! Absolutely. Our facade solutions can be retrofitted in an existing structure, or even integrated into an upcoming construction, in order to passively cool the building and reduce the energy requirements significantly. Please reach out to us and we could discuss in detail your requirements.

Terracotta is a natural material with a very low carbon footprint. Compared to synthetic materials in the market, terracotta is environmentally friendly and harmless to the environment.

Typical A/C systems are set to around 24°C temperature and 60% relative humidity, however, the range for comfortable temperatures for humans can extend up to 30°C - 32°C, given adequate air ventilation. Our system can reduce the operating temperature to 28°C with lower power consumption. If you are not mandated by a building code or prefer the temperature range of A/C systems then CoolAnt can be an effective solution alternative to A/C.

Our solution can be customised in order to address the fiscal aspect. Furthermore, easier implementation of our system can be done by using locally available potters and materials. Cheaper solutions though have an issue of longevity and one may find the need to replace individual terracotta pieces from time to time. Regardless of these issues, individuals may find alternative materials for evaporative cooling locally and are welcome to come up with alternatives.

CoolAnt system is primarily designed for human comfort cooling and cannot be used directly for specialised areas requiring precise climate controls.

A modified system can be used to bring down inlet air temperature upto 28-30°C. Further temperature reduction can be achieved using traditional A/C systems. This hybrid model can be used to reduce electrical load by a good margin. Actual performance will depend on the specifics of the system.

Terracotta units can be used to replace honeycombs used in common evaporative cooling systems. This effectively keeps the pre-existing ductwork unchanged, though a few alterations may be required if a different system was used previously.

Our system can tackle heat-generating machinery. So far, it has been tested for a maximum temperature of 55 to 60º C.

Yes, depending on the rating system, our product should give you benefits in energy performance, innovation and other credits. You should consult with your green rating professional for specific rating systems.

For commercial use - cost pu is rs 9 Savings = 3600*9=32400 Cost = 45000+5000(for 2 fans) Payback = 50000/32400=1.54years For residential use - cost pu is rs 7 Savings = 3600*7=25200 Cost = 45000+5000(for 2 fans) Payback = 50000/25200=2years

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