Beehive Facade


An innovative hybrid jali solution, transformed through thousands of years of knowledge.

The Beehive is a modular facade unit that cools your space through a combination of evaporative cooling and natural ventilation, using advance technology. It fits in on your window or wall, and acts as a cooling device in the summer and a beautiful art installation in the winter!

Envelope Cooling Made beautiful

Envelope cooling is the practice of using various passive/ active cooling techniques to reduce the heat coming inside the building. This in turn reduces the cooling load of the spaces inside and results in energy savings.

Envelope cooling made beautiful.

Apart from harmful emissions and elevating global warming potential, air conditioning is only limited to closed and indoor spaces. Their inherent functioning releases heat into the surroundings, thus creating ‘heat islands’ in cities. Increase in temperatures in demanding more cooling in our built spaces. Emissions and heat dissipations have a ‘butterfly effect’ in warming up the macro-climate, leading to what we can call the ‘Cooling Paradox’.

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Graph showing global annual CO2 emissions
Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC); Global Carbon Project (GCP);


Beehive Facade


Through CoolAnt variation we are testing out innovative Hybrid Jali solutions with Air Cooler that can provide both insulation and cooling.

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Energy Consumption:

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