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Apart from harmful emissions and elevating global warming potential, air conditioning is only limited to closed and indoor spaces. Their inherent functioning releases heat into the surroundings, thus creating ‘heat islands’ in cities. Increase in temperatures in demanding more cooling in our built spaces. Emissions and heat dissipations have a ‘butterfly effect’ in warming up the macro-climate, leading to what we can call the ‘Cooling Paradox’.

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Graph showing global annual CO2 emissions
Source: Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Centre (CDIAC); Global Carbon Project (GCP);



The Construction Industry alone contributes to 40% of the emissions globally, substantially damaging the environment. As we build, we take away a part of nature. With sensitive-environmental-friendly designs and thoughtful choice of materials, Ant Studio focuses on building a sustainable lifestyle that is not only good for our health and well-being; but also has reduced negative impacts on our surroundings. Combining emerging technologies, computational design, and innovative sustainable building practices, Ant Studio is working at the crossroads for Art Nature Technology to make buildings a tad bit closer to nature.

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