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Our Journey of Cooling
Earth Using earth.

When we first started our journey with Beehive as an art installation that can cool, for a factory in Noida, we never thought we would go this far. Firstly, thank you all for the love and for sharing our vision towards contributing to a sustainable habitat. There is something that we share in common with you, and that is the fact that we all want to satisfy our needs without causing impact on our environment. As a team of Ants coming from diverse backgrounds, working with like minded people from different walks of life and expertise, we aspire for CoolAnt to become a go-to cooling solution.

CoolAnt is an off-shoot of Ant Studio, a practice that is a miscellany of Architecture and Product design inspired by teamwork and intelligence of Ants. Coming from an Architecture background, helps us understand the little nuances of spaces and how products can fit into spaces. At Ant Studio, we design buildings that open to the environment creating a sense of oneness with the landscape. Traditional Architecture has a lot to offer to the wellness and health of the individual and also space has the ability to influence the mood of the person. One thing we as a practice, try to achieve is the notion of functional aesthetic. What if our buildings are both purposeful and meaningful?

A common problem with the products that we see around us is that many products are designed without a thought of the complete lifecycle of the product and how it impacts us as a civilization in the long run. Billions of tons of plastic is entering our oceans everywhere and harmful emissions are causing climate change and global warming. Over the last few decades, we have witnessed some unprecedented changes in our climate leading to flash floods, extreme heat, wildfires and pandemics. Cooling is a basic necessity and the least we should try and do is not to let this necessity warm our planet.

Our main objective is to look at the basic necessity of thermal comfort holistically. There is a huge potential if we can combine our traditional systems with the modern advancements in material science and technology. Our processes are thoughtfully designed to have least impact on the environment during the manufacturing process, usage and after the product’s life. Thinking about what happens to this product after its usage not only helps to create a sustainable product, but also helps in creating a circular economy. Use of vernacular material such as terracotta reduces embodied energy, use of passive energy strategies reduces environmental impact and use of craft gives CoolAnt a distinct artistic character.

Like ants that work with earth and create beautiful ant hills that are climatically sensitive and sophisticated, we aspire to provide the world with CoolAnt, a simple solution made by earth, that is both effective and artistic. Solutions like building envelope cooling and personal cooling will be game changers for future generations. Trying and testing this new way of looking at traditional cooling in diverse places and different climates wouldn’t have been possible without support.

On behalf of all the Ants, we thank you all for being part of our journey.

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