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Art installations that can cool

Air, Handmade.

Nature has some of the best secrets that inspired poets, artists, and scientists alike. Understanding how cooling works in nature and learning from it is the inspiration behind the designs of our products.


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ether: your personal cooler

Our Next Product is Coming Soon

Ether is a portable unit which effectively cools the micro space around you instead of the whole room, thus reducing the energy consumption as a whole.

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what is coolant?

CoolAnt is an Artistic, All-Natural,  Air Cooling Solution.

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the cooling paradox

Cooling the World is warming the Planet.

More CO2 was released in the atmosphere in 2 days in 2019 than the entire year in 1902,
when the air conditioner was invented.

our mission
hey you!

CoolAnt is for You If You

whats your coolant?
Are looking for an alternative to air conditioning
Natural Ventilation brings in fresh breeze and positive energy into our buildings!
Want to Reduce your Carbon Footprint
According to a study switching to natural ventilation and cooling has the potential to reduce the carbon emissions by 1.3 Billion tons and we wish to be a part of that process.
Are on the lookout for Sustainable Innovation
In support of initiatives against global warming. CoolAnt products consume less energy and no chemicals.
Enjoy Contemporary Indian Aesthetics
Our products constitute of components developed by local potters and assembled by craftsmen.
whats your coolant?

Towards a Healthy and Sustainable Lifestyle

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greener and better


Low Energy Demand

With envelope Cooling, CoolAnt reduces the load of other cooling systems too, reducing electricity bills.

Local & Green

Made from earth using traditional craft by local artisans, every aspect of this product is nature friendly.

Healthy & Pure

Natural and Cross Ventilation in our spaces, leads to better air quality, the air is not only cool but also fresh, enhancing air quality!

Customisable, robust
& durable

With modular pots and flexible framework, it is possible to arrange CoolAnt as per individuals needs and aesthetics.

Outdoor, semi-outdoor & indoor solution

CoolAnt can be installed in open expanses like parks; and semi-open areas like cafeterias as well.

Functional Art!
Integrated with Facade

CoolAnt can reduce the heat absorbed by the building due to its insulation properties and also acts as a cool facade.

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OMG Nature! | Mud AC

These terracotta tubes are helping reduce ambient temperatures without harming the environment! How ‘cool’ is this invention?

This Innovative Cooling Installation Fights Soaring Temperatures in New Delhi

This installation is a bespoke attempt to simplify and reinterpret the concept of air-conditioning, using computational technologies.

Indian architect turns to bees and terracotta to design innovative cooling system

Monish Siripurapu’s cooling system may be based on the design of a beehive but inspiration didn't come while he was striding through fields of flowers
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