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A Greener Future with Envelope Cooling

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Majority of the heat gain in the buildings is through roofs and building facades. Creating an insulation barrier on these surfaces reduces the heat gain and cooling demand in our buildings. CoolAnt facades are innovative Hybrid Jali solutions with Air Cooler that can provide both insulation and cooling.

What is Envelope Cooling?

Envelope cooling is the practice of using various passive/ active cooling techniques to reduce the heat gain through the building envelope. This in turn reduces the cooling load of the spaces inside and results in energy savings.

Using the Beehive as a second skin for your facade, which is thoughtfully designed to reduce the cooling demand of your spaces drastically, you can save both energy & electricity bills.

Why use a CoolAnt Facade?

The CoolAnt facade is thoughtfully designed to reduce the cooling demand of your spaces drastically through which you can save energy and electricity bills. It fits in on your window and or wall, and acts as a cooling device in the summers and depicts a beautiful art installation throughout the year.

Where can I use it?

Our facade solutions can be retrofitted in an existing structure, or even integrated in an upcoming construction, in order to passively cool the building and reduce the energy requirements significantly. Please reach out to us and we could discuss in detail about your requirements.
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How It Works

The facade fits in to your wall/window and enhances natural ventilation through the fluid dynamic shape of terracotta pots and sucks in the warm air from the outside through each pot. The smart sensor based water distribution system intelligently drips water onto the pots by sensing the micro climate. This water gets cooled through the action of evaporative cooling by the pots. When the outside air comes in contact with the chilled water, it gets cooled and the system releases hot air inside the space.

system impact on microclimate


The average temperature drop is around 3-5ºC depending on the season. Evaporative cooling depends on humidity. At 50% humidity the max temperature drop is 32ºC while for 15% humidity the temperature drop can be expected is 24ºC.




28 ºC /60%
24.5 ºC /60%
21 ºC /60%


32 ºC /70%
28 ºC /70%
24 ºC /70%


36 ºC /80%
31.5 ºC /80%
27 ºC /80%
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Benefits of CoolAnt Facade

Low Energy Demand

With envelope Cooling, CoolAnt reduces the load of other cooling systems too, reducing electricity bills.

Local & Green

Made from earth using traditional craft by local artisans, every aspect of this product is nature friendly.

Healthy & Pure

Natural and Cross Ventilation in our spaces, leads to better air quality, the air is not only cool but also fresh, enhancing air quality!

Customisable, robust
& durable

With modular pots and flexible framework, it is possible to arrange CoolAnt as per individuals needs and aesthetics.

Functional Art!
Integrated with Facade

CoolAnt can reduce the heat absorbed by the building due to its insulation properties and also acts as a cool facade.

Low maintenance

Energy consumed by CoolAnt compared to other mechanical cooling solutions is 10x lower.

infinite possibilities


Our team is made of Design and Construction experts who will assess your project and assist you through the entire installation.

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The process of installation is fairly straightforward for installations and can be installed on most of the structures.

The basic requirements are essentially case by case basis. There is no restriction on minimum area. Directional issues can be handled using mechanical ventilation and retrofitting requirements depending on the project and area considered.

For large facades some retrofitting is required but for under development projects, the system can be incorporated directly rather as a second skin.

For facade integration, the installation process is determined case by case basis, regardless CoolAnt installation doesn’t impart huge construction challenges.

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