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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes CoolAnt LifeStyle special?
In order to live in healthy communities, we need clean air, natural resources, and a nontoxic environment. Coolant provides a sustainable alternative to existing modes of thermal comfort that provide cool air at the cost of the immediate environment.
What is the difference between CoolAnt and other air cooling devices ( Air Conditioners or Air Coolers )?
Coolant can be used along with Air conditioners, Air coolers and Jali
Coolant needs water to function i.e. it works on evaporative cooling technique
Coolant is modular and can scale up to cool indoor, semi outdoor and outdoor spaces.
Coolant does not emit any greenhouse gases.
Coolant does not make loud noise while operating.

Coolant can replace Air Conditioners, Air coolers and Jali.
Coolant does not cause an increase in humidity.
Coolant can cooldown as rapidly as other air cooling devices in the market.
Where does Coolant come from?
Coolant products are rooted in the history of ancient cooling techniques used in Indian and Egyptian cultures. These techniques are modernised and adapted to current technology by out team of engineers, designers, architects and scientists. Each pot in a Coolant product is handcrafted with love by our network of potters in India.
What are the energy savings of Using CoolAnt?
Based on our current installations, we anticipate a saving of about 10% - 20%.
What are the cost savings of Using CoolAnt?
Based on our current installations, we anticipate a saving of about 5% - 10%.
Can it work on existing buildings or does it work only in new construction projects?
Yes! Absolutely. Our facade solutions can be retrofitted in an existing structure, or even integrated in an upcoming construction, in order to passively cool the building and reduce the energy requirements significantly. Please reach out to us and we could discuss in detail about your requirements.
Why terracotta? Why not some other natural materials?
Terracotta is a natural material with a very low carbon footprint. Compared to synthetic materials in the market, terracotta is environmental friendly and harmless to the environment.
Why should I choose Beehive facades?
Value : Reduced costs and enhanced natural ventilation for fresh air
Recommended place of use: Building skins or facades ( Corporate buildings, Resorts, Hotels, Schools)
Temperature drop :  It varies from 5 degrees to 15 degrees centigrade
Size: Starts at a standard size of 4 ft wide by 8 ft height and can be scaled up in height .
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Why should I choose Ether?
Value : Personal Natural fresh air
Recommended place of use: Personal air cooling ( For ex: Office desk, beside your bed on a stand)
Temperature drop : ~ 5 degrees Centigrade.
Size: A football
Can I adjust the temperatures?
Yes, you can adjust the temperature within the prescribed range in our product pages. Currently the adjustment cannot be made to our products, however we are working on adding this feature to our products. We’ll update you as soon as it’s ready.
What is the cost of the product?
Beehive & Custom Installations: Please write to us with your specific requirement to receive an estimated cost budget.

Ether: We are excited to announce that we are currently taking pre-orders for Ether. The price of our Beta version is Rs. 5,000/-. To place your pre-orders, please write to us.
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Can I change the design per my taste?
Beehive: The standard size of Beehive comes in modules of 4' x 8'. However, the size can be customised as per your requirement.

Custom Installations:
We offer custom installations for large scale solutions. These designed specific for your requirement.

Ether: The design of Ether cannot be modified as per taste and it is available in one size.
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Can I use it in humid places like coastal areas?
It works but has a reduced efficiency if humidity is above 65%. However, we do offer techniques to help make the product more efficient in humid environments.
Can I integrate your products with Vertical Gardens?
Yes! Stay tuned to our website and Instagram for more on this!

How much carbon footprint will this product reduce?
133450 kg co2/m3
What are the basic requirements of installation?
The basic requirements are essentially case by case basis. There is no restriction on minimum area. Directional issues can be handled using mechanical ventilation and retrofitting requirements depending on the project and area considered. For large facades some retrofitting is required but for under development projects, the system can be incorporated directly rather as a second skin

What is the process of installation?
The process of installation is fairly straightforward for installations and can be installed on most of the structures. For facade integration, the installation process is determined case by case basis, regardless CoolAnt installation doesn’t impart huge construction challenges.

How long does it take to install the product ?
Beehive : Our product is designed to be assembled by you.

Custom Installations: The timeline for custom installations depends on your specific requirement and the scale of your project.

Ether : Just plug it in!
What is the life and durability of the product?
We anticipate our products to last for 3 -5 years , depending on the maintenance and usage.
Does moss and algae grow in the system?
Since our product is made with natural materials such as terracotta and utilizes evaporation cooling technique, moss & algae might grow. Having said that, we do take precautions to completely minimize the growth.
What about water seepage issues and mosquitos?
We have multiple options for checking and controlling for mosquitoes depending on the project; like establishing a closed loop, adding chlorine to water, etc. Similarly for seepages, recollection of dripped water, creating overflow rainwater harvesting tanks, etc are some of the solutions . Facade to structure seepage is a non issue with our simplest configurations.
I want to return the product . Can I do it?
Unfortunately, our products, Coral and Beehive cannot be returned or refunded at this time. You can return Ether within 30 days of your purchase *. Simply reach out to us at socialant@ant-studio.org and we will guide you through the process.
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